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Get rid of Win32/Boaxxe.BB – a proper approach to cleaning a chain of dropping and redirect infections

Win32/Boaxxe.BB belongs to the family of threats targeting browsers installed on a computer system, as well as overall Internet settings. Among these there are infections dropping other parasites into PC’s and that executing eventual payload, which is always about bringing your browser to certain websites. This is called a forced redirect and enables hackers displaying […]

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Remove Wprotectmanager.exe as Search Protect by Conduit

Wprotectmanager.exe represents a notorious case of adware. According to user’s reports and observations made by IT experts, this sort of infection tends to install into computers in more or less implicit manner. While remaining formally within legal framework, the installation is something users fail to note as they grab lots of content from the web […]

Get rid of PUP.Optional.NextLive.A eliminating both the disease its symptoms

PUP.Optional.NextLive.A designates a piece of annoying program code that introduces changes into your operating system and ensures their follow-up integrity. Some self-appointed guru would suggest PUP.Optional.NextLive.A removal through mere elimination of the settings users are unhappy with. This approach targets symptoms abandoning the basic source of problem, a piece of adware in question. The adware […]

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Get rid of freeSOFTtoday as it imposes on you annoying offers of shareware and conventionally free software that you hardly can escape

freeSOFTtoday is going to show you offers of free programs and discount price software. This is what one can learn from its website. The point is that few actually get this program loaded through its home-page, but rather have their computer systems infected with this installation as it arrives in a bundle with another content […]

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Get rid of Glindorus as annoying add-on that wants to go on as it is wanted to go away

Glindorus is detected by major antimalware tools. However, users of many of those solutions remain unsatisfied, and this is not about the program detected being not actually malicious or annoying. In fact, users recognize it as unwanted interference into their Internet experience and do not love its coming back with further popups. What rather disturb […]

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Get rid of BetterSurf.dll and other files that make annoying web-moderating malware

BetterSurf.dll constitutes one of the trouble making components of an annoying program that meddles into your web-navigation with its popups inserted into the pages you browse through. The issue about this file is that BetterSurf.dll removal has failed a number of times when users tried to complete it manually. Another thing to note is the […]


Get rid of Sendori which benefits to not match its inconvenient features

Sendori makes your web-clients follow it by setting itself as a start page and making your browsers connect it under other circumstances, whereas it is featured by its makers as a service to enhance browsing experience, in particular, to eliminate something called typo-squats. Definition of the latter says these are websites that you would visit […]


Get rid of cltmngui.exe as it installs Conduit redirect

Cltmngui.exe is a detectable infection. Using a decent security solution would enable you to remove cltmngui.exe for good. The reason to delete this threat is that it comes up with a popup prompting you to enable settings related to notorious Conduit. Oddly enough, the latter is powered by medium size software development company head-quartered in […]

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Remove BrowserSafeguard.exe and other parts of fake antispyware, including browser redirect

BrowserSafeguard.exe on your PC typically indicates there is an adware of redirect type. The file itself is an executable that pretends to enhance your computer security. It is definitely a vicious stuff, for most of the security solutions would detect it as a trojan. That is, it does not run in line with its specification […]

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Get rid of PUP.Optional.Somoto in full and without causing damage to harmless entries

PUP.Optional.Somoto is not critical in terms of system survival. Removal of PUP.Optional.Somoto refers to cleaning an optional detection which as such designates a formally legit program. The reason you may want to remove PUP.Optional.Somoto is because it promotes some website or brings other unwanted advertisement, offline or online, into your PC. The infection typically comes […]

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Remove JS/URNTONE.D that infects reliable websites and their visitors that expected no trick ahead

JS/URNTONE.D is typically inserted into websites you have known for ages as trusted and reliable resources. Most likely, they remain so despite containing the above infection, which is a JavaScript. Probably, they are now free of it, but you get it on your PC due to visiting these pages without your PC being sufficiently protected. […]


Removal of eGdpSvc.exe to kill annoying, misleading and unsafe eSafe Security Control

eGdpSvc.exe is commonly known as a virus. To be precise, it is technically not, as long as, in order to be regarded as a virus a program code needs to attach itself to other program codes in a way that is not agreed by affected program owner or user. Anyway, the exe file is actually […]

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