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Remove vGrabber toolbar as the video retrieving tool does not adhere common uninstalling rules

vGrabber toolbar is made available on a range of websites as a free software product for grabbing media files from sharing portals. In particular, the device is said to have a feature of retrieving YouTube videos.
The program developers claim the application is easy to uninstall. However, experience of users who have encountered the loading facility suggests the opposite as removal of vGrabber toolbar has proved to be problematic. In the wild, uninstalling procedure does not work properly. Dialog window appears, but then it blinks and prompts to click Finish. Upon following the suggestion the adware remains so that problem persists.
Free scanner available here is a proficient adware deletion tool, run it to get rid of vGrabber toolbar and other programs that do not adhere to common rules for software uninstalling.

vGrabber toolbar behaviour and details:


  • vGrabber toolbar may seriously slow your computer;
  • vGrabber toolbar may be difficult to remove manually;
  • We recommend to remove vGrabber toolbar automatically.

Automated removal:

It is critically important to remove vGrabber toolbar, yet there might be a number of other threats to deal with. Without a doubt, presence of one infection on your PC increases the odds of having more than one threat, other things being equal, for every infection definitely weakens computer system.

The tool to get rid of vGrabber toolbar takes the above consideration into account as it detects the infections through entire hard and removable memory submitted in order that it can delete the specified parasites. It is a multi-purpose solution to satisfy the variety of your computer protection needs. In the meantime, its ability to perform the extermination of rogue in question has been tested specifically, and empirical evidence available that it does cope with the task.

vGrabber toolbar Uninstaller

vGrabber toolbar manual removal instructions:

Incorrect or incomplete deletion happens when one or more constituents of deleted rogue are omitted and/or harmless files and registry values are abolished instead. Such improper act rather harms than cures. If you stand for the manual procedure and is about to apply it, please completely delete the rogue in a strict accordance with the list below.

Remove vGrabber toolbar files:

%DesktopDir%\vGrabber YouTube Download.lnk

Remove vGrabber toolbar registry entries:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\StartNow Toolbar
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Script
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Script\Settings

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