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Get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus to unlock desktop or boot block

Metropolitan Police popup is generated by malware often referred to as Ukash virus. This virus also popups on behalf of Bundespolizei, as well as Spanish and US Pollice. The design of popup remain the same in its basics. That is certainly not and achievement of cooperation between the national security authorities, but a clear evidence that uKash virus has been made and spread by the same bunch of crooks.
The scam has become so common that even Ukash published warning to notify its customers of the threat. If you have been unfortunate to follow the tricky popup suggestion and paid the criminals, please contact the payment processor to dispute the charges on 00800 247 85274.
Ordinary case of the virus invasion can be resolved by means of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus removal without rebooting. That would be elimination of blocking popup. Before proceeding to downloading relevant remover, you may need to make some effort in order to eliminate the popup. Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete at once to enter Task Manager and clean all entries of Programs tab.
Extraordinary case would require Safe Mode with Networking mode reboot, for in such case the rogue actually keeps Windows locked. To get into the above configuration, please restart your PC ant continuously tap F8; this would produce list of special modes, from which you need to choose the one suggested.
Click here (free scan link) to remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus whether it bans computer through the boot or only overlaps desktop so that it seems like PC is not responding.

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus behaviour and details:

  • Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus may slow your computer;
  • Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus may be difficult to remove manually;
  • Metropolitan Police Ukash may generate other fake alerts;
  • Metropolitan Police Ukash is the consequence of other malware infections;
  • We recommend to remove Metropolitan Police Ukash automatically.

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus manual removal instructions:

Remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus files:


Remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus registry entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”

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