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Removal of Scour Toolbar to restore favorite online search tool

Scour Toolbar, or Scour, is a potentially annoying and unwanted browser helper object. Besides, a user often has no clue how this program has managed to become a substitution to the default search engine.
The program, however, is entirely legitimate, and the only appeal could be made to a little bit tricky method of its installation, as well as not quite exact indication of the fact that the program is going to  alternate the preference set by user for online search tools.
Since the program is not legally malicious, a legitimate software is not instructed to remove Scour. However, one will face no difficulties to get rid of Scour Toolbar scanning manually the list of software available at Add/Remove Programs in XP or Programs and Features in Vista and Windows 7 and deleting the toolbar by ordering its removal. The above lists are available in any Windows version through Start – Control Panel.
To deal with officially and actually malicious programs, click here and get your computer memory thoroughly scanned.

Scour Toolbar behaviour:

  • Scour Toolbar may slow your computer;
  • Scour Toolbar may hijack your homepage;
  • Scour Toolbar may disable legit firewalls and antispywares;
  • Scour Toolbar may be difficult to remove manually.

Scour Toolbar manual removal instructions:

Remove Scour Toolbar files and dll’s:

C:Program Filesscourtoolbarinstall.ico
C:Program Filesscourtoolbartoolbar.ini
C:Program Filesscourtoolbaruninstall.exe

Delete Scour Toolbar registry keys:


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