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Trojan Horse: Dropper Removal Instructions

Trojan Horse: Dropper (Trojan-Dropper:W32/Trojan-Dropper) jumps into computer system to serve other trojans and infections, which fulfill tasks causing immediate damage to computer users. The name is deemed to be in circulation since 2000, which makes it one of the long-livers in IT security. Without exaggeration, it is a great challenge to find a security solution that does not use the name to designate a range of threats.
Unfortunately, the name is a frequent subject of alerts generated by phony security tools. If you are not confident with your current security solution, it is itself subject to examination in order to ensure it is not a kind of trojan. Hence not every detection of Trojan Horse: Dropper is genuine. In many instances, instead of Trojan Horse: Dropper removal suggested by fake security solution you need to get rid of the false accuser.
Another likely issue  related to the topic is inability of many security tools to complete Trojan Horse: Dropper removal due to advanced obfuscation tactics applied by the infection, as well as failure to exterminate content downloaded by the trojan.
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Trojan Horse: Dropper behaviour:

  • Trojan Horse: Dropper may slow your PC and cause system errors
  • Trojan Horse: Dropper may hijack your homepage and generate fake security warnings
  • Trojan Horse: Dropper may change system settings and disable Windows features
  • Trojan Horse: Dropper may be difficult to remove manually

Trojan Horse: Dropper manual removal instructions:

Remove Trojan Horse: Dropper files and dll’s:

%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\[USER NAME]\Application Data\[random].exe

Delete Trojan Horse: Dropper registry keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\”ShowSuperHidden” = “0″

Download Trojan Horse: Dropper Removal Tool

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