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Get Rid of Google Redirect Virus as One of the Most Viable Web-Weeds

Google Redirect Virus is one of the most widespread computer infections. There are even websites dedicated solely to the problem of its removal. There is no wonder as the technology applied in this infection is very simple to implement and does not require large size of the resulted program. Tiny size of the infection facilities its propagation and yet complicates Google Redirect Virus removal. Besides, the virus applies advanced  self-concealing tricks and is even said to be invisible for traditional deletion tool. Such statements are groundless though, because  there can not be any long-lasting tradition in proper security solution, which, quite in contrary, must evolve at least one step ahead of computer infections.
Tasks assigned to the virus are quite understandable as relevant conclusions could be made immediately  on analyzing its name. That is to say, the main task of the infection is to redirect users to the websites sponsored by its controllers replacing genuine Google page with results corresponding to user’s request.
Remove Google Redirect Virus following this free scan link, which will also provide comprehensive system disinfection.

Google Redirect Virus behaviour:

  • Google Redirect Virus may slow your PC and cause system errors
  • Google Redirect Virus may hijack your browser’s homepage
  • Google Redirect Virus may change system settings and disable Windows features
  • Google Redirect Virus may be difficult to remove manually

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