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Remove AV Antispyware (AVAntispyware) – Download AV Antispyware Remover

AV AntispywareAV Antispyware (AVAntispyware) is quite a rare case of a single rogue antispyware, while to be produced and released serially is typical for rogue antispyware. Of course, AV Antispyware may be the beginning of the new family of rogue antispyware or its relatives have not yet been revealed or its relation to other rogue software still needs to be established. What is established already now is that you need to remove AV Antispyware as a rogue antispyware that infects computer with its adware through the use of all types of carriers, i.e. trojan technique, viruses and worms are applied to download and install AV Antispyware without user’s permission. In addition, there is a number of online ads calling for installation of AV Antispyware and leading to online downloading links of AV Antispyware. Where you are reading this post being interested to know what is AV Antispyware considering the possibility of its registering or downloading and installating, please do not download it and get rid of AV Antispyware, if applicable.
Click here to launch free malware scan in order to detect the above adware and infections related to it and perform AV Antispyware removal that will cover the removal of its full or trial version, as well as any related threats; naturally, threats in no relation with AV Antispyware will be also detected and removed.

AV Antispyware behaviour:

  • AV Antispyware may slow your computer;
  • AV Antispyware may be difficult to remove manually;
  • AV Antispyware compromises your privacy and security.
  • AV Antispyware may install additional malware.

AV Antispyware screenshots:

AV Antispyware

Download AV Antispyware Free Scanner and Remover

AV Antispyware manual removal instructions:

Delete AV Antispyware files:

AV AntiSpyware.lnk

Delete AV Antispyware registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LastSun Ltd\AV AntiSpyware
uninstall\AV AntiSpyware 1.8
Run ???AV AntiSpyware???

Download AV Antispyware Removal Tool

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